No Wasta. A band from Ledbury with some dudes from Ledbury.

If you’ve found this page, you might be one of the dudes I was in a band with nearly a quarter of a century ago. I miss you guys! We made slammin’ music.

I just found a large box of old tapes, and our first public appearance (at John Masefield school, no less) was on one of them. It was in …uh…1994? 1995? A long time ago!

You can listen to it here!

      1. No%20Wasta%20-%201st%20gig%20-%20john%20masefield%20school%20ledbury.mp3

If you dudes are out there – Tim, Dan, Eben, Pedwa…Give me a shout. Would be good to know what you’re up to!