welcome to here

We’re the Universal Constructors and we’re here to add to the music you like listening to.

You can find us on various streaming sites and if you’d like to show some support, we would love you even more than we already do if you buy some of our tunes on Bandcamp

We’ve got various bits on YouTube too.

4 thoughts on “welcome to here

  1. Hi, first i want to you to know that i really enjoy listenning to your songs. I know your for 5 years already and i donwloaded a lot of your songs. But i just lost a huge part of my mp3 files… and then I saw that you those song where not on youtube anymore ! Where are your old song ? How can i dl them back ??
    Thanx for evry special moment your songs bring me (especially unto the dub), i hope you’r still around!

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